Your Content Marketing Efforts: 3 Things That Are Equally Important as Great Content


There’s a big lie going around the internet that many content marketers accept as truth. What is it? That what you need to get more traffic is to create great content. This is a fallacy because it’s incomplete.

As of this writing, over 2.2 million blog posts have been written today alone. You can bet that there’s a lot of great content on many of them; amazing content that will blow your mind – that no one will ever see.

Great content is only the beginning of getting more traffic. You need more, much more. Following is a list of three things that are just as important as creating great content. In fact, you can create mediocre content, but if you have the following in place, it can still beat out great content every time.

A Content Marketing Strategy


Too many online marketers dive into the content marketing waters without first taking the time to create a strategy. This can be as detrimental to your content marketing efforts as creating little to no content at all.

According to the 2015 Content Marketing Institute’s Benchmark, Budgets and Trends report, of those who have a documented strategy, 60 percent consider their content marketing efforts to be effective. In contrast, only 32 percent of those who just have a verbal strategy say they are effective. To take it a step further, 62 percent of the most effective marketers also say they follow the strategy “very closely.”

The lesson: A defined, executed strategy brings results.

Custom Content


Custom content fosters a deeper relationship with consumers because it illustrates that a company has taken the time to understand the wants, needs and desires of its customers. This is borne out by statistics in that some 90 percent of consumers find custom content useful.

3 Ideas for Creating Custom Content

  1. Use answer sites like Quora to get an idea of some of the most frequently asked questions about your industry. Then, write up a downloadable report with detailed answers and post it to your website/blog, or send it as a downloadable attachment in your newsletter.
  2. Use free polling software to put a poll on your website asking visitors what they want to know about. Then, create a white paper detailing their concerns, and your solutions.
  3. Visit the sites of your top 10 or 20 competitors. Look to see if they have an FAQ section. Compile a master list of all the questions posted, then answer them and put them in an FAQ section on your site.

As mentioned in the linked-to article above, “by tailoring your custom content to answer popular questions within your niche, you set your business apart as a helpful, authoritative resource, and you attract relevant visitors to your website.”

The Right Keywords


While less emphasis has been placed on keywords in the last few years, they are still a major component of an effective content marketing strategy simply because it’s how web users begin their search online.

Also, Google uses keywords to determine what a page is all about so that it can categorize it correctly. Hence, every piece of content should be written with a defined set of keywords in mind.

Creating great content is only the beginning of an effective content marketing strategy. To get the most out of the content you create requires going the extra mile by covering all the bases listed here.

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